This page contains articles which may be of help to people while working on their Minis, Downloadable files can be selected by right clicking on Download and selecting Save Target as.

If you have files of any type (pdf, doc, txt, jpg, bmp, websites, etc) which may be of use to people, please attach them to an email here with a short description

1275 GT Wiring.pdf 1.00 Mb This is the wiring diagram for a MK4 1275 GT.
Camshfts.xls 46 Kb An Excel spreadsheet with specs on just about every mini cam ever made.
DiffRatios.doc 26 Kb Information about Diff Ratios minis have used.
MiniEcuProblems.doc 26 Kb A document to help analyze faults on mini fuel injection systems.
RoverMEMS.pdf 8.6 Mb This document has a copy of the Haynes parts book on the Rover Fuel Injection System. Large Download!
TyreRPM-MPHChart.doc 0.8 Kb This chart gives road speed compared against engine revs / tyre size / Diff ratio.
MPI Wiring Manual.pdf 11.1 Mb This PDF contains the factory instuctions to go with the below wiring manual. Large download!
MPI Wiring Diagrams.pdf 8.1 Mb This PDF contains the full factory wiring Diagrams for MPI models, Large download!
Dulux Paint Colours This Web page contains references to many of the paint colours used on minis.